Our Story

The Power of Being Understood

As women in the financial services industry, it didn’t take us long to understand the power of being understood. We gained that knowledge through being misunderstood, seeking out a support network that wasn’t apparent to us and looking for others in our industry that were like us, on our same course.

In being misunderstood, we learned to deeply understand ourselves and our clients. We learned how critical accessing the right resources – information, education and individuals – is in meeting goals. And we experienced firsthand the value of giving and receiving coaching.

Over the last 20+ years, we individually created success for ourselves in an industry where women face many obstacles. We each built our financial advisory practice on understanding our clients and who we could serve best. We focused on providing our clients access to the resources they needed to help them pursue financial stability. And we served as their coach along the way, matching advice to goals and to our clients’ unique personalities and financial aptitudes.

In 2021, we brought together our collective knowledge, long histories of seeking to be understood and our “we get you” philosophies by melding our practices into Fusion Financial Group. We focus on helping thriving families, women, small businesses and new investors plan a future worth working toward.

Nelisha Firestone + Keri Pugh