The Fusion Advantage

Financial Planning and Management Based on Trust

The cornerstone of The Fusion Advantage is trust-based financial planning and management.

As your financial advisor, we help you set your goals, develop an action plan, identify ways to overcome obstacles and assess your progress over time.

We do this by developing a genuine relationship with you based on trust. We communicate directly and honestly to help you create healthy financial habits that set you up to reach your goals, all while we encourage you, motivate you – and redirect you when needed so you stay on track.

As you work toward your goals, life changes and you get older, our guidance changes too, to focus on what you need at that moment, while also keeping an eye on the long term.

A Financial Coach Throughout the Decades

I have the utmost confidence in your ability and expertise in handling my financial accounts and investments.

B. Hill


  • Student loan review
  • Corporate retirement plan options
  • Budget analyses
  • Inheritance plan


  • Risk analysis
  • Insurance review
  • Education fund plan
  • Establish emergency cash pool
  • Debt management
  • Beneficiary assignment
  • Career benefit & compensation review


  • Optimize savings & retirement plan
  • Estate plan review
  • Integrate financial planning and management strategies


  • Consider health-care liabilities
  • Fund retirement “catch-up” provisions
  • Evaluate eldercare needs
  • Generational financial education
  • Establish a “career-optional” income strategy


  • Social security & Medicare planning
  • Implement “career-optional” income strategy
  • Consolidate accounts for effective planning


  • Wealth-transfer plan
  • Family-wealth briefings
  • Philanthropic endeavors
  • Tax & trust strategies